Lodge Officers

Margie Kruger
Exalted Ruler

Leading Knight
William Lambert, PSP

Loyal Knight
Stacy Layne

Lecturing Knight
Laura Viglianco

Judith Plivelich, PER

Terry Pyecha PDD

Ellen Shields, Chaplin

Joseph Walter
Inner Guard

J. Chris Pallotta, PER,


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BPOE 294 Today

There have been many changes to Elkdom since its first inception. Since the mid-1900s, women have been welcomed as members into the lodge. Women had served and continue to serve the lodge in positions of leadership.

Aside from the complete and long-overdue integration of our membership, BPOE 294 today remains a vital social and civic organization in downtown Fairmont. Our lodge is the last historical building in the 400 block of Adams Street, and we are working valiantly to preserve and refurbish this building. We have one of the last Grand Ballrooms in Fairmont, along with the WV and Pierpont rooms which are used to host events and bring a community spirit to our downtown. Both businesses and community residents enjoy this wonderful facility to step back in time to Fairmont's "Glory Days."

Our premises include a Grill [Social Lounge] for members that serves light meals from 4pm on and full meals on Friday nights. Monthly meetings are held to plan ongoing and new community aid projects. Dances and other entertainment are offered as well.

Elks Having Fun at a Corn Roast

Corn Roast
Corn Roast 2

The Origins of the BPOE


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